Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tidbits of Wisdom: Preschool Edition

I love how children are so honest in their answers and how they share their thoughts freely. I feel honored to get a glimpse into how they see the world. Here is one of those moments to remind us adults that little ones are always watching and learning from us.

We have been studying transportation at preschool. Talking about all things that go. We are also talking about colors so we made stoplights. At circle time we pointed to the colors on the stoplight and I ask them to tell me what cars should do when each color lights up. They did great for red and green when we got to yellow they all looked a little stumped then a sweet daughter of one of your dear friends excitedly shouts "I know, I know it tells you to go really really fast!" :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday 13 : Reasons why I've been away from the blogging world

I'm still here and I apologize for my lack of blog material. Here is my attempt to justify my time away. It was nice to be missed! At least my friends noticed! :)

  1. Working part time had really changed our family schedule. I'm really humbled to think that there are many single moms who work full time. I have a new found respect! My husband has been so helpful or our household would have been very cranky!

  2. Laundry, laundry, and more laundry (enough said)

  3. My family is starting to think that pizza is a staple food!

  4. Dishes, dishes, and more dishes (I need to invest in paper products)

  5. I caught myself daydreaming that the dance studio where my kids take lessons decided to put in WIFI.

  6. Family weddings are a BIG investment of $$$$ and time!

  7. I've had to spend time shopping for a dress for myself for the above wedding which is a feat in of itself. The fast approaching date is thrown in for fun!

  8. How does a house get so dirty?

  9. School work and meetings

  10. Getting up at 6AM everyday puts a cramp in my creativity

  11. Sweet little faces asking for cuddles. They have said they aren't getting enough mommy time and miss me. How do you argue with that?

  12. I'm looking forward to a date night with my husband!

  13. I came to the realization that I may be a summer blogger!

Thanks for being patient with me friends! I'll try to get my blog groove back!