Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Fun

Sorry for my bloggy absence. I once thought I was a summer blogger and used the excuse that I was so busy during school keeping up with kids, dance, work, etc. Now I must confess I think that I must just be lazy. So anyway here is a little about where I've been spending my time.

Me, Olivia, Annie, and Nana blueberry picking
Girls at Magic House

Cousin Henry at the waterworks

We found a beach in the middle of St. Louis :)

Walking with Papa at the river front
630 feet above ground

Not matter how often I see the Arch I still stand in awe

My sweet sister and the girls

Henry at his big Tball game
I can't believe summer is passing by so quickly. I'm planning to spend the rest of it sleeping in and soaking up fun time.


Shelley said...

Sleeping in and soaking up...That sounds AWESOME.:) I love the picture of your dad walking with all of his grandkids. That is priceless!

Carissa said...

great update! cute pics! enjoy the rest of your summer. can't believe it is only a month until school starts..that is CRAZY!

Jamie said...

Looks like fun. We love St. Louis!! It's been too long since we've been there. We can't wait to have the tea party. See you Friday.

Janelle said...

Always love your updates. It is great to see what you are doing this summer.

We are heading to St.Louis next week and are looking forward to the time to play and relax.

Sure love you.

Alana said...

Ahhhhh...looks like a wonderful time. I love summer, not ready for it to end!