Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aloha 6!!!

Here is our birthday girl, family, and friends at her luau party.

Yummy snowcones!!!

Nana & Papa

The jello fish bowls didn't turn out so well.

An artsy photo of our favorite artist

Kids vs Dads Kickball Game
Both sides are claiming victory!

Youngest party goer

I love you 6 year old!!!

A special thank you goes out to my dad and sister

for helping us get the yard party worthy!


Shelley said...

That was a great party! Again, so sorry that Annie blew out the candle! And that picture of Wingman...CUTE!

Janelle said...

1. The cake. Oh, I have had dreams of that chocolate cake with the real icing.

2. Hula is not just for girls.

3. Wingman. Yum!

4. The birthday girl was precious!! You could tell she had a wonderful time surrounded by her people.

JP's MOM said...

Oh my I so love that pic of the boy and girl hula-ers!

And that cake was DIVINE!

Alana said...

Love the photo collage fun! It was a wonderful party. We love that 6 year old, too!

Carissa said...

looks like a blast! great pics of great people!! : )

Becky said...

First I have to comment on the picture of the boys and girls together. Was that grass skirts on the boys?

Second, Nana and Papa look so cute in their matching outfits.

Third, I want some of that cake! I know the icing tasted good, but I am sure it tasted much better with some cake.

Fourth, I wish we would have stayed. It looks like you all had a great time.

Why do you have to be so far away???

Lisa Hunning said...

She is growing up too fast! Can you put something on her head to stop her from growing? The cake looks wonderful! You are so talented! Is the snowcone man for hire? We have a birthday on Monday! Miss you all! Give the girls a squeeze for us!


Laney-Lou said...

That looks like SOOO much fun!!! Man, 6 years old! She's growing up fast! Great to see you last weekend!

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